Mads N

Chris Pedersen, Jonas Schmidt and Morten Wichmann, from right to left, at Zulu Awards 2012. All of volume pills gnc them VolumePills dressed in Mads Nørgaard suits and doing it with style as you can see below.


Mads N


Sample sale by Mads Nørgaard-Copenhagen, Stine Goya and The Last Conspiracy.

Starting Tuesday, April 3rd at noon and ending Saturday, April 7th at 5 pm, albeit not during the Easter days Thursday and Friday. There should be more than enough time to pay us a visit, so hopefully; see you there.

Mads N


We have expanded our social media presence once again; this time to tumblr. It can be described as microblogging with an emphasis on pictures. Pictures with stripes in our case, as a form of inspiration to both ourselves and you. If you feel the need to get inspirered in a stripely fashion or just want to see what this tumblr fuzz is about, go check it out at


Mads N


Cover and Mads Nørgaard sat down to talk about the new and stripes, spring fashion trends and last but not least, Friday night. Read the full interview here.

New items in Mads N

Spring is coming, and it is coming fast. Below you can see some of the new key items from our spring collection 2012, which has just hit the stores. Get ready for spring – we know we are.


A Pokies fresh Pokies and cool outfit.


Spring and summer jackets for the ‘not so hot’ days.


A pair of shorts for when the sun really starts to shine.


.. and five different pair of chino’s, until it does.